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Clean and healthy water for drinking, showering, catering, and all other applications. It sounds simple, but where to start? A well-designed distribution system is a fundamental requirement for this, as are the HSE-mandated procedures for operation, monitoring, and maintenance. Our experienced team of water professionals includes water quality consultants who can assist you in staying safe and compliant. We offer services to collect certified samples at any location.

Water Quality Consultancy

Our Water Quality department is a consultancy and services department.

The consultants deliver solutions so you can comply with international rules and regulations and to assure that your crew is working in safe conditions.

You can consult Hatenboer-Water regardless the challenges you are facing with your potable water system, from source through treatment to de point of consumption. Fresh Water on Board since 1906, from production to consumption. Whether it is to prevent potential unsafe situations or whether you nee us to carry out specific corrective action.

Online consultancy

We can provide advice on minimizing the risk of contamination, even if we are unable to visit your vessel. Our desktop risk analysis is based on the vessel’s fresh water technical drawings, available water treatment, and the most recent water analysis. It is essential to keep your freshwater system free of contamination to ensure a safe environment onboard. You can learn more about our service and order online consultancy by visiting these pages. 

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We understand the importance of maintaining high-quality water onboard, which is why we offer a water quality service contract to continuously monitor your water and provide the necessary reports and analysis. Our service contract includes reduced rates for sampling and analysis services, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining clean and safe water on your vessel. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of our water quality service contract and how we can assist you in keeping your onboard water safe and healthy.


In addition to our water quality service contract, we also offer a total concept solution to help you stay in compliance with all health and safety regulations related to onboard water management. Our comprehensive solution includes water safety plan including recommendations, maintenance plans, and compliance monitoring to ensure that your vessel meets all required guidelines. With our total concept solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your onboard water management is fully taken care of. Contact us to learn more about our total concept solution and how we can assist you in staying in compliance.

With our Water safety plan you ensure compliance with the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. Our manual includes procedures for planning, preparing, and performing your water-related procedures, so you can be confident that you are following the correct protocols. With our water safety plan you will always be able to quickly consult the right kind of documentation. Making onboard water management a easy task. Contact us to learn more about our Water Safety plan and how it can benefit your vessel. 


Whenever you are in need of consultancy services on piping and system layout for new builds, our water quality department can offer you our extensive experience and expert advice on this particular subject. After all, a properly designed drinking water system is the basic requirement for clean and healthy water on board, and prevention of threats such as Legionella. Relevant for: ship owners or designers as well as shipyards.

Our risk assessments include an inventory of possible risks for the quality of the complete water treatment on board. It is followed up by an improvement plan and a management plan. 

We offer water safety plan audits to ensure that your plan meets all applicable regulations and standards. Our team will review your water safety plan, identifying any areas that require improvement or updates to keep your vessel in compliance with the latest guidelines. Contact us today to schedule a water safety plan audit and ensure the safety and quality of your onboard water. 

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