Testo 104 thermometers

Back Testo 104 thermometer Monitor water temperature frequently to ensure proper Legionella control: temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees stimulate the growth of Legionella bacteria. Our Testo 104 measures water temperatures quickly and accurately. Get a quotation Back After the measurement, you can easily snapshot the sensor and store the data until the next measurement. […]

Conductivity testers

Back Conductivity tester Our compact conductivity testers are ideal for measuring your conductivity (temperature compensated) quickly and easily. With a storage of 25 data sets, each with a date and time stamp, this tester also gives you easy recall of data record-keeping requirements. The electrode is replaceable to ensure long-life functionality. The cover is completely […]

Boiler water test kit

Control and combat corrosion and scale in your boiler with our test kits. It is imperative treatment levels in hot water boilers are measured and monitored in order to maintain output efficiency.

Cooling water test kit

Back Cooling water test kit Our cooling water test kit helps you ensure treatment agents are dosed properly and your water is safe. Measuring and monitoring water treatment agents in cooling water systems and closed water systems is essential for maintaining output efficiency. Our cooling water test kits will help you ensure treatment agents are […]


Back WATERLAB Expert Drink water test kit for safe drinking water on boardArt. no.: 0501-000004 Get a quotation Back Test kit The Hatenboer-Water WATERLAB Expert is specifically designed for the maritime market. This advanced testing solution brings features and functionalities to on-board water analysis. With highly accurate readings on 18 parallel wavelengths, multiple connectivity options, […]


Our comprehensive WATERLAB drinking water test kit MLC is designed for monitoring with simple and practical tests, to determine the water quality on-site.


Introducing the WATERLAB Hadex Test Kit, the ultimate solution for professional on-board water analysis of the drink water disinfectant Hadex in the maritime market.


The WATERLAB Manual Test Kit is a compact, handy colorimetric unit making it ideal for measuring between a range of 0-5 mg/l HADEX® concentrations.

Hygicult incubators

The Hygicult contains an incubator for convenient on-site sampling and analysing the general hygiene status of fresh water. It enables you to test the TPC (total plate count), monitor total bacterial counts and detect Enterobacteriaceae and Escherichia coli.

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