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Control and combat corrosion and scale in your boiler with our test kits. Treatment levels in hot water boilers must be measured and monitored in order to maintain output efficiency.

How our boiler test kit helps you stay efficient:

Failing to maintain proper water quality can result in serious problems to your hot water supply system.

For example:

With the test equipment in our central boiler water test kit, you and your crew can properly check whether water treatment dosing of scale inhibitors or corrosion prevention agents still suffices.

Characteristics of our boiler water test kit

The boiler water test kit contains all equipment and test reagents for everyday testing, optimizing treatments, and monitoring critical control parameters. The boiler test kit is based on a tablet count method and color comparator chemistry. Testing instructions are included within the robust casing of the central boiler water test kit.

Test kit contents

P AlkalinityTablets20 - 500 mg/l CaCO3250 pcs
ChlorideTablets*250 pcs
pHTest Strips6.0 - 10.0100 pcs
pHColour Indicator Card6.0 - 10.01 pc
Sample Tube 100 ml
Sample Tube 30 ml
Stirring Rod
Sample Lock 20 ml
* Range Sample Sizemg/l Cl(mg/l NaCl)Sample Size
0 – 1000 – 160100 ml
0 – 2000 – 32050 ml
0 – 10000 – 160010 ml
0 – 50000 – 80002 ml
Part numberDescriptionParametersSize
0500-000061Boiler Water Test KitAlkalinity P, Chloride, pH27,5 x 8 x 23

Test kit spare parts

Part numberParametersDescriptionPacking
0525-000054P AlkalinityTablets250 pcs
0525-000055ChlorideTablets250 pcs
0525-000046pHTest Strips 7.0 - 14.0100 pcs

Looking for a different type of test kit?

In addition to our boiler water test kit, we offer the following types of test kits as well:

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