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In search of an energy efficient and reliable water treatment installation? Our extensive experience includes engineering durable water treatment solutions for all industries. On- or offshore, we have a solution for everyone.

Reverse Osmosis desalination

Safe drinking water on board your vessel without using your main engine!. Produce safe drinking water through desalination of...


At Hatenboer-Water, you will find a wide range of disinfection technologies. Our disinfection technologies: Hadex® drinkwater desinfectant and Demitec...

Hot and cold water

Hatenboer-Water can provide your complete cold drinking water and hot water supply on board. From production to tap point.

Water conditioning

Hatenboer-Water offers a complete line of reliable, high quality, cost effective water conditioning products.

Waterlab Test Kits

Hand held testing equipment for water quality assurance.

Point-of-Use Filtration

Hatenboer-Water recognizes the importance of providing freely accessible water on board in compliance with the MLC 2006. Our point-of-use...

Spare Parts & Consumables

Hatenboer-Water offers a wide range of technologies for our desalination watermakers, along with all the associated spare parts and...

Safe water on board

Maritime (Drinking) Water Flow Chart

Hatenboer-Water created the maritime (drinking) water flow chart to give you some more understanding of all steps to be considered for a reliable design and maintenance of your water production, storage and distribution lay out. In other words, how to create Safe Water on Board. Our installed base of thousands of operating water systems gives us a thorough understanding of water flows, applicable regulations and the influences from outside that might influence your water quality.

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