Drink water test kit for safe drinking water on board
Art. no.: 0501-000004

Test kit

The Hatenboer-Water WATERLAB Expert is specifically designed for the maritime market. This advanced testing solution brings features and functionalities to on-board water analysis. With highly accurate readings on 18 parallel wavelengths, multiple connectivity options, powerful software and app, cloud synchronization capabilities, clear test execution animations, and a large HD touch display, the WATERLAB Expert drinking water test kit sets new standards in water testing for maritime applications.

Ensure compliance and gain valuable insights into your water concerns with the selected parameter set of the WATERLAB Expert drinking water test kit. Designed to meet regulations and provide comprehensive analysis, this kit has got you covered.

Waterlab Expert

  • Specific parameter for monitoring Hadex chlorine levels.
  • Provides detailed and accurate readings for precise analysis.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology.
  • Measures and displays digital readings for: Hadex, pH, conductivity, temperature & total hardness

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