Hygicult incubators

The Hygicult contains an incubator for convenient on-site sampling and analyzing the general hygiene status of fresh water. It enables you to test the TPC (total plate count), monitor total bacterial counts, and detect Enterobacteriaceae and Escherichia coli.

The set is small and light and can easily be transported to the location of use. Tests can be performed on-site, or the slides can be used as convenient transport media for samples. Since the incubator has a transparent door, you can see its contents without opening the door. It comes equipped with a thermometer and a multi-rack shelf.


  1. After sampling, return the agar slides to the test tube.
  2. Close the test tube with the screw-cap.
  3. The tubes are not to be frozen under any condition.
  4. The agar slides have to be incubated for 1 – 2 days at temperatures of 35 – 37°C. Results


  1. After incubation, remove the agar slides from the test tube.
  2. Interpret the growth-color reactions, following the instructions.
  3. Compare the density of the colonies on the agar surface to the example in the instruction manual.


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