AgRO series

Reliable and complete
Up to 10 m³ per day of quality irrigation water

Since 1979, Hatenboer-Water has led in developing reverse osmosis units with advanced membrane technology. These membranes desalinate water, defend against bacteria and viruses, and deliver high-quality, low-sodium water.

Our Tethys AgRO system is easy to install and maintain, ideal for small capacities up to 10 m³ per day. Equipped with top-quality components, it ensures a durable RO installation.

Committed to top-tier water purification tech, we offer reliable, up to 10 m³ daily, high-quality irrigation water solutions.


HORiZON online monitoring

Unique to our RO systems is the HoriZon online application, which constantly monitors the vital processes in the RO system. It gives both Hatenboer-Water and the grower great insight into the operation. With our excellent global service network, you always have direct access to spares and consumables.

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