White Paper: Reverse Osmosis vs. Evaporator

Traditionally, on board vessels, evaporators have been the standard choice for freshwater generation.

Reverse Osmosis vs Evaporator

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Discover the pros and cons of two clean water systems, comparing Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Evaporator fresh water generators.


However, changing demands and the pursuit of more advanced technologies have led to the adoption of alternative methods, most notably, the Reverse Osmosis (RO) freshwater generator.

Hatenboer-Water has been at the forefront of the maritime industry in embracing RO technology for freshwater generation since 1985. Today, we proudly supply over 3,000 vessels with our RO equipment, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of safe drinking water on board.

White Paper Reverse Osmosis

In this white paper, we will examine the reasons why RO freshwater generators represent the optimal choice for shipowners in producing their freshwater supply. This evaluation is grounded in a comprehensive comparison between RO freshwater generators and evaporators.


In conclusion, Reverse Osmosis freshwater generators have emerged as the superior choice for shipowners seeking a reliable and efficient solution for freshwater production on board. The advantages of RO technology in terms of energy savings, water quality, maintenance, space efficiency, and environmental impact are evident.

Hatenboer-Water’s extensive experience and commitment to providing RO systems to the maritime industry further solidify the case for adopting this technology. By choosing RO freshwater generators, shipowners can ensure a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible freshwater supply for their vessels.

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