Water Bottle Filling station Blusoda 30 countertop

Small, compact and stylish

Small, compact, and stylish, the Blusoda 30 countertop is a water bottle filling station that provides continuous access to chilled water. This innovative solution is directly connected to the drinking water distribution system, eliminating the need for purchasing, storing, and replacing water bottles. As a result, significant cost savings are achieved, particularly in locations where the quality of drinking water is a concern.

For environments where space is limited, such as maritime settings, the Blusoda 30’s stylish and compact design makes it an ideal choice. This countertop bottle filling station is commonly found on the bridge, accompanied by the MRS225 Reverse Osmosis filtration unit, catering to the unique spatial constraints of maritime applications.

Moreover, the Blusoda 30 can be equipped with high-end filtration systems to ensure the continuous delivery of fresh and safe water 24/7. This feature is especially valuable in locations where the quality of drinking water may be questionable.

Ambient, cold and sparkling water

In addition to providing ambient and cold water, the Blusoda 30 can be upgraded to offer sparkling water with the inclusion of a food-grade CO2 gas tank. This option allows users to enjoy cooled and filtered sparkling water on demand. Please note that while all necessary connections are included, CO2 bottles are not supplied by Hatenboer-Water.

Experience the convenience, cost savings, and environmental benefits of the Blusoda 30 countertop Water Bottle Filling Station.

For more detailed specifications and features, please download the Product Data Sheet (PDS).

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