Legionella control

Clean and safe drinking water is essential but not guaranteed. Many bacteria can form in clean drinking water, including Legionella. Legionella is a bacterium that thrives best in stagnant water. Although the main pipes of the drinking water system usually have flowing water, any pipe serving an unused cabin or fire hose can be a source to contaminate the rest of the system. Therefore, it is necessary to install check valves between the main pipes and the other water users. With EA valves, you can check whether they are functioning as expected.

EA check valve

A crucial tool in Legionella management is the EA check valve. This valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water into the main water source. Below, the features and usage of the EA check valve are further explained:

Features of the EA Check Valve

While the primary function of a check valve is to prevent backflow, the EA valve distinguishes itself by being performance-testable. This feature makes it particularly effective and convenient for Legionella prevention. In contrast to regular check valves, which often need to be removed from the pipeline for inspection, the EA valve can be tested on-site.

Composition of the EA Check Valve

The EA valve comprises a ball valve, a check valve, and test gears located both before and after the check valve. This composition allows for easy testing of the valve without the need for removal from the pipeline.

Testing Procedure for the EA Check Valve

To test the EA valve, close the ball valve and open the test gear between the check valve and the ball valve. If there is no water pressure, the EA valve is functioning correctly. Presence of water pressure indicates a defective valve or improper installation, necessitating immediate repairs to ensure the safety of the drinking water system.

Placement of Check Valves in Legionella Prevention

Given that Legionella primarily thrives in stagnant water, it is crucial to install check valves between main pipelines and other water users. These valves prevent potentially contaminated water from backflowing into the main system. EA valves offer additional assurance through the capability of regular on-site checks.

Effective Legionella Management

Effective Legionella management requires careful implementation of preventive measures, including the use of advanced tools such as the EA check valve, to ensure the safety of the drinking water system.

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