Activated carbon filter cartridges

Designed for greater flow rates, the activated carbon stackable cartridge filter offers an economical solution on both process and potable water applications. The string wound PP outer core protects your system from fine sediment particles.

Activated carbon (GAC) is integrated in the cartridge filter to improve the taste, odour and appearance of the water. The Hatenboer-Water Activated Carbon cartridge filters can also be used for de-chlorination and are quick replaceable filter cartridges. The HAC filters are easy to maintain and can be considered as economically high-capacity carbon filter.


  • Wound polypropylene with a 5 micron filtration grade
  • Injection molded polypropylene with integral snap fastening clips, inner and outer core sealing rings
  • Premium hard quality coconut shell, low ash content, graded size activated carbon

Why use our carbon filter cartridges

  • Sediment and activated carbon ltration in one filter
  • Improves taste, odour and appearance of water
  • Stackable and easily replaceable filter
  • Dechlorination capacity
  • Made of FDA approved materials
  • Suitable for high flow rates
  • Dual purpose filter cartridge