Carbon block filter cartridges

Our carbon block (HWCB) filters offer an economical solution for the removal of taste, colour of odour and solids. The rigid block construction eliminates any potential bypass. The filters will not fluidise, therefore maximising the effectiveness of the carbon media.

For higher flows we would advise the use of HWCB Big Blue filters. These filters allow a higher flow and provide more contact time between the water and integrated carbon block due to a larger diameter, resulting in a deeper filtration. Read more about other filtration methods, including Big Blue filters

  • PDS Carbon block filter cartridges

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 848 KB)


Why use our carbon block filter cartridges

  • Dual purpose; sediment filtration and chlorine reduction
  • BE grade high purity coconut based carbon block media
  • Polymeric and elastomeric materials meet US FDA Title 21 requirements
  • Cartridges have been tested and certified to NSF 42
  • Effective carbon surface area for excellent chlorine reduction characteristics