Surveys & midlife updates

When facing technical challenges, rely on our decades of experience in water services. Not just in crisis situations, but also for preventive maintenance advice, commissioning and the ship design phase. 

Worried about compliance issues, technical assistance or perhaps a training? We’ll take care of it for you.

Make sure your water system is functioning properly! Let our trained professionals analyse your water production, distribution and disinfection system. They are thoroughly experienced in recognising possible system inefficiencies. Our survey report gives you a detailed insight in recognising possible system inefficiencies.

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Our service engineers perform an overall check of your RO installation. This check includes all production functions, alarms, logsheet data and an indication on parts which will soon need replacing.

Our survey report gives you a detailed insight in the state of the system, its components and your water quality as well as maintenance and optimisation indications.

The performance survey usually takes 2 – 3 days and is performed at your site.

Extend the life span of your equipment and prevent downtime! We offer our expertise and assistance for a general survey of your water treatment optimisation and upgrade options and any related actions. Keeping you going and your RO in a reliable and efficient working order.

After performing an operational quality assessment of your water system, our trained professionals write up a report containing potential update or optimisation options, related costs and planning. If required, updates can be performed on the spot and training can be provided accordingly.

Our maintenance experts know the ins and outs of all equipment for production, disinfection, filtration or distribution, hot or cold water and the RO unit itself. They will provide you with an advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Even when they are not stationed in your vicinity when you need support, our experienced staff can support you remotely by analysing your log sheet data together with you and advise you on the required course of action. 

Key benefits

  • Optimise your water production
  • Reduce costs by extending life span of your equipment and minimising downtime
  • Training and instructions for your crew after the update

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