Hatenboer-Water expands in Port of Hamburg

Dutch supplier of clean drinking water and drinking water solutions for the maritime markets Hatenboer-Water is expanding its operations in the Port of Hamburg through the acquisition of German company Jacobsen & Cons. This enables Hatenboer-Water to be closer to their German clients and provide them with safe water on board, safeguard crew health aboard seagoing vessels and make their operations more sustainable.

Jacobsen & Cons. has a long history in the Port of Hamburg, as it has provided ships with fresh water since 1865. The company has two Water Barges in operation and delivers water by tanker trucks too. “We are confident that by joining the international network of Hatenboer-Water, continuity of water supply in the Port of Hamburg and visiting ships will be secured and on top of that we add a wide range of valuable drinking water products and services to our market proposition,” says former owner and general manager Dieter Jan Reinecke of Jacobsen & Cons. “The advanced water management solutions that Hatenboer-Water provides on board ships, can improve the quality of drinking water and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations that are maintained in ports, including the most strict ones worldwide.”


Hatenboer-Water is based in the Port of Rotterdam and has operations in Singapore, Dubai and Houston. “We are very happy with the acquisition of Jacobson & Cons.,” says Hatenboer Water CEO Willem Buijs. “It has been a family-owned business since 1865 with dedicated employees who know everything about onboard drinking water supply. We look forward to expanding our services in Germany. For some years now we are serving a growing number of clients in the defence, yachting and shipping industries in the region and we believe that we can grow significantly by being closer to our customers. Already we are being approached by new clients, now it’s time to provide them with our broad range of drinking water services and products proactively.”

Besides Singapore, Dubai and Houston (USA) is Hamburg, where Jacobson & Cons. located is, the fourth office within Hatenboer Water’s international network. With this step, Hatenboer-Water strengthens its position as a market leader in the supply of clean drinking and irrigation water, affirming its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Hatenboer-Water is ready to meet diverse water supply needs worldwide.

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