Hatenboer-Water is a proud Partner in the PosHYdon project

Successful start of onshore test PosHYdon; a world first in the North Sea

Hatenboer-Water proudly collaborates with the PosHYdon project, a groundbreaking initiative in the field of sustainable energy. Our dedication lies in promoting a cleaner future through innovative water purification solutions.

For the first time, the integration of offshore wind, gas, and green hydrogen is taking place on an operational gas platform in the North Sea. The Q13a-A platform of Neptune Energy (Eni) will be equipped with an electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen on an existing platform, thanks to the PosHYdon consortium, following successful onshore tests in Alkmaar. The first offshore production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024. Never before has an operational oil or gas platform been used for the integration and production of green hydrogen. The produced green hydrogen molecules will be transported to the mainland along with natural gas via existing pipelines.

As the demand for green energy increases, hydrogen emerges as a crucial player in the energy transition, particularly when produced through electrolysis. However, electrolysis relies on the availability of ultra-pure water, a resource easily obtained on land. Yet, exploring hydrogen production at sea and seamlessly integrating it within a mosaic of energy systems, including offshore wind, gas, and hydrogen, presents a unique challenge. This challenge aligns perfectly with Hatenboer-Water’s expertise: the efficient and reliable small-scale production of potable and demineralized water from seawater.

With our extensive experience as one of the oldest and largest suppliers of desalination systems at sea, coupled with a robust track record of successful installations in the most demanding maritime environments, Hatenboer-Water is ready to tackle this challenge. By collaborating with the PosHYdon project, we are at the forefront of research and development, promoting the feasibility of hydrogen production at sea.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future where clean energy and advanced water purification solutions come together to create lasting impact. Learn more about our involvement in the PosHYdon project.

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