Alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals

HDC-ALK-002 is a general-purpose alkaline membrane cleaner and has been approved for drinking water applications by various membrane manufacturers. It is effective against most organic foulants typically found in reverse osmosis systems.

HDC-ALK-002 is also effective against colloidal silica fouling and aluminum-based foulants. HDC-ALK-002 has been approved for use in drinking water applications and for use by most membrane manufacturers.

Why use Alkaline membrane cleaning chemicals

Part numberDescriptionDosage Packing
0920-HDALK02A HDC-ALK-002 Basic alkaline cleaner 2-3%10 ltr/can (10 kg)
0920-HDALK02BHDC-ALK-002 Basic alkaline cleaner 2-3% 25 ltr/can (25 kg)

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