Basic sewage test kit

Basic kit for accurate testing of most popular sewage treatment agents, using rapidly dissolving tablets. Each test kit is supplied in a robust case.


Our Basic sewage test kit contains tablet reagents for 20 tests and an instruction manual.

Part numberDescriptionPacking
0525-DPD01RAPDPD no.1 Free and Total Chlorine low range rapidtablets
0525-DPD03RAPDPD no.3 Free Chlorine low range rapid tablets100 pcs
0525-PHENOLROODPhenol red tablets100 pcs

Spare parts

Part numberDescriptionChlorine rangeParameters
0590-AF106Basic Sewage Tester0,5 - 66,8 - 8,2
0525-PHENOLROODPhenol red tablets100 pcs

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