Demiflow demineralisers

Secure your drinking water system with a fully automatic Demiflow Demineralizer system (HDF).

Our Demiflow Demineralizer system (HDF) delivers fully demineralized water of the highest quality in seconds. The HDF system is installed directly on the main water supply, but it can also be used as post-treatment for reverse osmosis water (polishing).

The basic set contains a pressure-resistant (max 6 bar) and replaceable demi-cartridge, resin filling, the distributor head, and a connection set.

Mixed bed resin

Our Demiflow demineralizer system contains mixed-bed resin based on the ion-exchange principle. All water-soluble hardness scalars, salts, acids, and alkaline will be absorbed by the resin until the resin becomes saturated. At this point, the resin needs to be regenerated or changed.

EC measuring

The conductivity of the demi-water indicates the saturation of the mixed-bed resin. This prevents the user from using hard water without noticing.

Continuous production

Choose our Duplex HDF system whenever you require continuous production of demi-water. This system includes two filled Demiflow cartridges connected to a conductivity meter. It allows you to replace the cartridges separately to ensure production flow is not interrupted.

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