Everpure QL3B filter head

This commercial-quality filter head is designed exclusively for use with Everpure replacement POU cartridges. Its solid and durable construction makes it ideal for maritime use. All required mounting bracket and screws are included.

The Everpure QL3B filter head is used with Everpure cartridges: BH, H-50, H-54, H-104, H-200, H-300, OCS, OW-200L, OW2-Plus, OW4-Plus, S-104, S-200, 2K Plus, 4K Plus, 4K, 2CB5, 2CB5-S, 2CB5-K, 4C, 4CB5, 4CB5-S, 4CB5K. Please contact your Sales Representative for information on Everpure cartridges.

Why use an Everpure QL3B single filter head

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