When you are searching for the perfect water filter housings for your water system, durability is essential, and so is easy access. Our range of quality water filter housings is easy to access in case any servicing is required. They have been selected for their performance and durability in challenging maritime conditions.

Filter model 113

Our filter house type 113 is suitable for a wide range of filter cartridges. It removes impurities from the water supply and is ideal for domestic and general-purpose applications.


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Filter model 213

Our filter house model 213 is a filter housing that is fully made of plastic and is therefore excellent for the treatment and filtration of seawater or other corrosive media.

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Big Blue filter housings

The Big Blue filter housings cover almost all of your large-capacity filtration needs, including high-flow and heavy-sediment applications.

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BHF filter housing

BIG BHF housings for cartridges, made in polypropylene PP exclusively with high-quality European raw materials, guarantee: high-pressure resistance and absolute corrosion resistance (guaranteed long life also in seawater filtration). The BIG BHF containers for filter cartridges can be mounted easily and quickly in filtration batteries suited to meet all the flow rate requirements.

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