RO Fresh Water generator - Fred Olsen

Hatenboer Water supplies an Oceanus Two-pass RO Fresh Water Generator system with a capacity of 20m3/24hr for – Fred Olsen – Ship: Bold Tern OFFSHORE WINDFARM CONSTRUCTION VESSEL.

At Hatenboer Water, we take pride in our longstanding relationship with Fred Olsen, who repeatedly turns to us for their robust maritime RO freshwater generators. Recently, we installed a two-pass system of RO freshwater generators for Fred Olsen during a drydock period in Dubai. This allows the vessel to produce two types of water with just one freshwater generator, enabling the crew to have both fresh drinking water and technical water for the engine room. We are delighted to support Fred Olsen in their maritime activities.

We are proud to contribute to the safety and sustainability of Fred Olsen’s fleet by providing reliable freshwater on board. With our shared commitment to safe water on board, we look forward to further collaborations and creating a healthier maritime future.

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