RO water maker for river cruises

Transporting a large amount of passengers does not necessarily mean you need to install a huge water storage tank. An efficient alternative in terms of space as well as time (no more bunkering stops) is provided by our reverse osmosis water treatment system.

Designed to suit your vessel

Combine our RO water maker with a compact fresh water tank for a constant and excellent supply of fresh drinking water onboard your vessel. Leaving you with more room for cabins, leisure facilities and so on. Reverse Osmosis is a highly effective water treatment technology, and has proven itself to be economical in terms of investment and running costs.

  • Brochure Safe Water On Board

    Download brochure (PDF -  3,16 MB)

  • Datasheet RO River Cruises

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 637 KB)

  • Brochure RO installations

    Download our Reverse Osmosis brochure (PDF - 707 KB)


Why choose our RO water maker for river cruises

  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Complete, plug & play
  • Sharp rates and delivery times
  • Robust and reliable
  • Installed on passenger vessels around the globe

Why choose Hatenboer-Water

We know your waters, and have done so for over a century. Rely on our specialist expertise, in-house engineering, design and our professional and modern assembly facilities for the highest quality standard in a solution that is suitable for you.