Hadex® certified chlorination

Hadex® drinking water disinfectant for Maritime and off shore, to make and to keep your drinking water safe! Keeps your crew healthy.

Water, essential for life

The importance of water to life is self-evident. However, water is also one of the major sources of infection, and the cause of many forms of illness. Bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms can grow extremely quickly in water and just like food, water deteriorates. The safety of drinking water aboard ships and rigs cannot be taken for granted. Drinking water treated with Hadex® remains fit for consumption.


Hatenboer offers under the Hadex® brand:

  1. Hadex® drinking water disinfectant; available in 2.5, 10 and 25 liter polycans.
  2. Hadex® dosing units; a wide range of dosing units

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Automatic disinfection of drink water systems

A wide range of automatic Hadex® dosing units is available. The Hatenboer-Water Hadex® dosing unit is designed for automatic dosing of Hadex® in drinking water systems. This dosage is intended for the reduction and prevention of growth of bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms.

Hadex® dosing unit; 2 types of dosing units

Hatenboer-Water has designed two dosing units for use on board of ships & offshore rigs, one for 10 and one for 25 ltr packing.

A big advantage of our dosing units is that the standard packing is used as dosing container. Therefore safer and easy to use.

Hadex® dosing unit; commonly used

Hadex® dosing units are commonly used on three points in the fresh water system:

  1. In the water maker product line
  2. In the fresh water bunker line
  3. After the hydrophore pumps (for rechlorination of distribution system)

Flow meters

Our standard Hadex® dosing units are proportional controlled, by use of pulse generating flow meters.

For the systems up to 50 m3/h standard contact type Woltmann flow meters are used. For larger flows, especially in bunker systems electromagnetic flow meters are available too. These meters have no damageable moving. With this latter type of meter an actual flow readout and mA signal to CSS are available as well.

Optional our dosing units can also be controlled on base of free chlorine concentration. This by use of an inline chlorine measurement unit.

More information about Hadex Disinfectant? See the page about Disinfection

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Hadex® has been tested and approved by a number of (maritime) authorities in the Netherlands and abroad including:

Measure the amount of Hadex in your water

Hatenboer-Water offers a wide range of WATERLAB test kits to measure the amount of active Hadex in the water. Read more

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