Water quality consultant

Proper water management ensures the water for drinking or other uses on board is safe; clean and healthy. In our water quality consultant role we advice you on keeping your water free from pollution or threats such as Legionella. A well-designed distribution system is a basic condition for this, as are the HSE-required routines for operation, control and maintenance.

HSE requirements for drinking water on board

Our water management plans (potable water manuals) are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. The water safety related plans cover all proper drinking water management procedures and maintenance you will need for compliance with applicable health and safety guidelines in different parts of the oceans and offshore areas. For more information, please contact one of our consultants and read more on the HSE-website. 

Online consultancy in challenging times

Even if we are unable to visit your vessel, we can still provide you with advise on how to limit the risks of contamination. We provide desktop risk analysis based on the vessels drawings of the piping system, the available water treatment and the most recent water analysis. Keeping your piping system free from contamination is crucial for a safe environment on board. Read more about this service and order your online consultancy

Department of water quality     

Rely on our dedicated water quality consultants for advise on the water treatment solutions that would suit your situation best. Our team of water quality consultants are experienced and flexible; they will advise you on water systems, water management and prevention of corrosion, contamination or bacterial growth in your water mains or tanks. 

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  • Our water quality service contract

    Should you wish for us to constantly monitor your water quality and provide you with all required reports and analysis paperwork, then please check out the advantages of signing up for our water quality service contract. It offers reduced rates for sampling and analysis services. Contact us to find our more!

  • Potable water manuals - WHO required!

    All relevant data in one clear overview? In our potable water manual, we will assemble all relevant data for you, so you will always be able to quickly consult the right kind of documentation. It includes procedures for planning, preparing and performing your water related procedures. Potable water manuals are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. 

  • Preliminary risk assessments

    Whenever you are in need of consultancy services on piping and system layout for new builds, our water quality department can offer you our extensive experience and expert advice on this particular subject. After all, a properly designed drinking water system is the basic requirement for clean and healthy water on board, and prevention of threats such as Legionella. 

    Relevant for: ship owners or designers as well as ship yards

  • Risk assessments

    Our risk assessments include an inventory of possible risks for the quality of the complete water treatment on board. It is followed up by an improvement plan and a management plan.