With water being the most precious of all our sources, we must look at the bigger picture and protect our oceans from plastic pollution. At Hatenboer-Water we realised we had to come with the alternative. Based on our extensive track-record in water management throughout the Maritime & Offshore industry, we are now offering our Plastic Free @Sea solution.

Not only does the Plastic Free @Sea solution significantly reduce a shipowners’ ecological footprint, it is providing cost savings too! By eliminating global supply and storage issue, cost savings go well beyond the price of just water and include increased efficiency as well. Bottom line: it entails a contact-free robust bottle filling station, with an additional filtration step.

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What customers often ask us about sailing bottle-free

At Hatenboer-Water we like to refer to our customers as partners. We will show you exactly what is required in your situation to safely get rid of plastic bottles for good. We also determine a timeline, together. Often, eliminating plastic bottles is achievable well before 2025. Several large and smaller shipowners have already implemented our solution successfully and are now sailing ‘plastic-free!

Crew concerns

Many of our customers want to eliminate single-use plastics onboard their vessels, often driven by CSR programs. Don’t underestimate the challenge of implementing this concept though. It requires convincing of the crew as well.

At Hatenboer-Water we learned that a set of small tools will help mitigate reluctance amongst crew. Next to dedicated drinking water training for the crew, we will provide you with infographics and we explained the entire concept in a digital magazine. Technicians often want to know all details and so we gladly provide them!

Would you like to know more about some relevant business cases we worked on? And how we can also help you to get rid of plastic bottles?

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