Maritime test kit

Our maritime test kit is suitable for monitoring common parameters onboard and designed to last in maritime conditions.

It monitors a sufficient number of parameters for all identified risk points. All tests are delivered in a robust and compact case including instructions. Test frequencies will differ per flag state/country. Depending on authority and flag state optional tests may be required.

Test kit contents:

  • Chlorine / Hadex® colourimetric test kit including 30 tablet reagents (0 - 4 ppm)
  • pH test strips, 100 pcs, pH 6 - 10
  • Conductivity digital meter 0 - 1999 uS/cm
  • Total hardness test kit
  • Digital thermometer


Analysis is only as good as the sample being tested. Various tests and/or analysis require samples taken from specific points in a tank or distribution system. The complete maritime test kit is equipped with all necessary supplies needed to properly collect a water sample for testing. If in doubt or when you need extra hands, please contact our Water Quality department: for safe water on board. Read more about our Water Quality Services in the Water quality services pages.

Part number Description
0500-000019 Complete Fresh Water Maritime Test Kit

Spare parts

Part number Parameters Description Packing
0525-DPD01RAP Free and Total Chlorine (low range) DPD no.1 rapid tablets 100 pcs
0525-DPD03RAP Free Chlorine (high range) DPD no.3 rapid tablets 100 pcs
0500-000015 Hardness Reagent, 15ml 1 pc
0521-000009 pH 6 - 10 Test strips 100 pcs
0510-000007 Conductivity Calibration solution, 500 ml Range: 1413μS/cm 1 pc
0500-000011 Conductivity Meter (portable) Type: SD70 Range: 0 - 1999μS/cm Resolution: 1μS/cm 1 pc
0525-145500 Sample cells with cap 10ml 10 pcs
0525-146040 Chlorine 0 - 2 mg/l Colour disc for Hadex® Checkit comparator 1 pc
  • PDS Complete maritime test kit

    Download our datasheet (PDF - 1,7 MB)