Single bag / cartridge filter housings

The single bag and cartridge filter housing delivered by Hatenboer-Water is an all- plastic, rugged polypropylene construction for superior corrosion resistance. The glass fibre reinforced polypropylene withstands high-pressure and temperature combinations

The filter has no metal components, which means it is not susceptible to rust, corrosion or contamination and is therefore an ideal treatment option for seawater filtration. The unit comes with a heavy duty sediment filter bag support made entirely out of polypropylene. 

Filter housing

The filter housing can also house filter cartridges.

Why use single bag / cartridge filter housings

  • Quickly change filter due to spin-off cover

  • Superior corrosion resistance

  • Suitable in reversed osmosis systems

  • Seawater filtration

  • Houses cartridges and bags