X100C filter cartridges

The X100C cartridge is a steep pore gradient, depth filter designed to have a large dirt loading capacity. The cartridge measures 5.5" in diameter, with a length of 23.25", yielding a total cartridge volume of 500 cubic inches.

The design features a single open end that directs fluid from outside the cartridge in through the filter. A built-in handle on the cartridge top assists in seating and removing. The cartridge bottom is equipped with a polyseal end ftting to ensure a by-pass-free sealing without the need for double O-rings or flat gaskets. Fitting securely into the cartridge plate. It does not require springs, hold-down plates or center posts.

Why use X100C filter cartridges

  • Large dirt loading capacity
  • FDA compliant
  • Polypropylene core is extremely resistant to collapse, temperature effect, channeling and bypass